Illuminating Your Home Improvement Projects

February is a great month for tackling indoor home improvement projects. Whether creating a new space, or updating a tired one, take a tip from design experts: don’t forget about the lighting! “Clients are willing to spend money on expensive furniture or a beautifully finished kitchen but give very little consideration to the lighting element,” suggests Susan Quirke, Managing Director for the award winning specialist at Quirke McNamara Consultancy.

Choosing appropriate lighting during the renovation process is an essential, but often overlooked, design component. Lighting fixtures not only help create the desired mood of a space, they also highlight the design features and assist in the functioning of a room. “The most expensive materials and interiors are never shown to their fullest without a good lighting scheme behind them,” explains Quirke.

Making the right choice in lighting fixtures begins by assessing the natural lighting of the space. North facing windows, while giving truer color rendition, can produce light that can be cold and harsh. Lighting designed to bring a soft glow will warm up these spaces.

Rooms with south facing windows receive the type of natural light that can “fade out” distinctive design features. Spot lighting can focus the eyes attention to specific room features and transform an otherwise flat space. The shadows created with east and west facing windows can be minimized with free standing and overhead lighting fixtures.

Additional factors such as window placement, outside foliage, and seasonal changes can also affect the quantity and quality of a space’s natural lighting. Overhead lighting, which provides an even wash of illumination, can be the perfect foundation fixture for these types of spaces where additional lighting may be needed.

Love IT Lighting, can assist with your renovation projects. Our wide selection of contemporary and traditional fixtures will add interest to any room and compliment any décor. Whether creating an additional living space, or perking up an existing one, Love IT Lighting has the affordable, stylish fixtures that add the finishing touch to your home improvement projects.