Primelite’s Illuminating Wedges

Wall Mount #620 The Wedge



Cheese! Shoes! Potatoes!  Golf Clubs!  Pie!  And of course – Wedgies! 😉



Triangular. Angled. Slim on one end, wider towards the other. The world is filled with different types of wedges. CheeseShoes! ✅ Potatoes! ✅ Golf Clubs! ✅ Pie! ✅ And of course – Wedgies! 😉



Edible. Wearable. And now illuminating. Primelite Mfg introduces its own definition of a “wedge” to the lighting world. The Wedge“, Wall Mount #620LED, is our newest lighting fixture, a wall mounted LED uplight specifically designed in response to requests for lighting in which the fixture itself is visually quiet, almost unseen. While not quite invisible, #620 LED brings the needed illumination to your projects while quietly filling the space with a pleasing, reflective, light. 


Wall mount #620 - The Wedge

The Wedge #620 – Front View



You’ll find “The Wedge”, wall mount #620 LED, is best installed in rooms and spaces that allow the uplight to reflect off lighter-toned ceilings. #620 LED comes with your choice of LED12 (800 lumens) or LED24 (1600 lumens). The LED Module and driver are included and installed.



Side View - #620

The Wedge #620 – Side View



While designed with commercial interiors in mind, the addition of an acrylic lens will allow the light fixture to be installed in exterior projects. You’ll find The Wedge an extremely versatile light. At home in commercial and restaurant interiors, large office and hotel spaces, as well as a stylish uplight for outdoors installations.   



Wall Mount fixture #620



Like most of our lighting, #620 LED wall mounts are handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse and are made to offer years of stylish reliability. Constructed of 100% aluminum, our lights are, as expected, cost effective and budget friendly. 



Wall Mount fixture #620 LED



And of course “The Wedge” is customizable! Bring color and style to your projects with wall mount #620 LED in any of our powder coated colors, including painted metal finishes such as nickel, chrome, bronze, copper (shown), galvanized and more. 





The Wedge - Wall Mounted #620LED


⚙️Primelite Catalog: #620 LED12 | #620 LED24

⚙️Type: Wall Mount Uplight

⚙️Size:  Ht 6″ | Wt 10″ | Ext 6 1/2

⚙️Lamp: LED12 (800 Lumens, 3K/4K) | LED24 (1600 Lumens, 3K/4K) | Dimmable

⚙️Lens: Interior : None | Exterior : Acrylic, Clear

⚙️Construction: 100% Aluminum

⚙️Installation: Commercial Interior | Restuarant Interior | Office Interior | Hotel Rooms | Exteriors (w/ optional lens)
⚙️Finishes: Shown: Copper | Choice of 29 powder coated colors | Custom finish upon request | Color Chart
⚙️Technical Drawings: #620 LED12 | #620 LED24















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