Customization: One Shade Many Ways

From billiard room to barnside our light fixtures can be customized to  meet your needs.  A good example of our customization is Shade Series 23 (cat. # 23/14) which can, and has, been used to fill the lighting needs in a wide variety of uses. The photo shows one of our customized lighting fixtures being used in the home.  We used 3 of the shades in copper along with customized steel bars to give a bright but homey feeling to this billiard room.

We’ve also used this shade as the basis of this light designed to be used on the outside a barn. Featuring the same shade #23 ,we customized this fixture to create the perfect outdoor light. The all aluminum fixture was painted and finished by our client.

Shown in black gloss this versatile shade can also be used as a pendant light, both in residential and commercial applications. The light fixture can be mounted flush to the ceiling or with the addition of a cord or metal stem can used as a hanging pendant. The stems are available in lengths up to 12 feet.

Light shade #23 is available in diameter sizes: 14″, 16″, 19″ and 24″. Check our website catalog (Indoor Lighting Page 12A) for more information.

At Primelite Mfg. we can offer you the customization you need. From lamp shades, to goosenecks, to the stems and mountings we can manufacture whats needed for any project. Call Primelite Mfg. today at (516) 868-4411 so we can customize the perfect fixture for you!