T’was The Month Before…

Holiday Striped Posts

Choo-chooing through a forest of Primelite’s Holiday Striped Posts





Holiday Striped Posts

‘‘Twas the month before Christmas and all through town square,

There was no special lighting, no brights, nothing there

What a sad looking place, not a cheer filled the air

This darkened town square was just too stark, too bare

The only light present was the glow of the moon

Well something was needed, and needed real soon


When what to my wondering eyes should appear

But our Holiday Striped Posts, all ablaze in the square

On posts red, and white, and holiday striped

Like barbershop poles on this dark Christmas night

On went the C7s, like rainbows of light

Retro shaped globes in red, and yellow, and white,

There were blue lights and green lights, and even a few..

Were in orange and violet, to name just a few

Now with crowds all on hand for this colorful sight

All ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing our prism of bright

And they heard us exclaim, as we brightened those lights

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all

a Prime-nite.”


Holiday Striped Posts



Our Holiday Striped Posts, while fully customizable, are available as ready made Kits. As an example, the Kit #6127/Striped-1808, includes Post #6127 (.125 gauge) – a 7′ candy cane striped post, and #1808 – an acrylic C7 (Candlelight) lens, available in 7 colors; yellow, orange, red, blue, green, violet and white.


Our kits are”plug’n’play“! Save money and time. No electrician needed. Kits include 7′ cord, plug and deck mount. Just place, plug in, turn on and celebrate!



C7 style acrylic globes for holiday poles

C7 Bulbs (Candlelight Lens) are available in orange, yellow, red, blue, white, green and violet. Round white globes are also available.



If the C7 lens style is not for you, a 10″ round acrylic globe, in white, is also available. When ordering please specify the color of stripes and color of the lens.



Celebrate Chanukah with our Holiday Striped Posts

Celebrate Chanukah with our Holiday Striped Posts



Our Holiday Striped Posts are handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse and offer years of stylish reliability. The posts are constructed of 3″ aluminum, and while 7′ is the standard post height, we can offer any post height up till 10′, upon request. The kit included 7′ cord is also customizable to any size needed. Please contact office for more info.



Whether observing Christmas, Chanukah, Winter, or the entire Holiday Season, Primelite’s Holiday Striped Posts will be a colorful high-lite of those festive celebrations!




Holiday Striped Post #6127/Striped-1808

⚙️Primelite Catalog:#6127/Striped-1808 (Kit)

          Post: #6127

          Globe (Lens): #1808

⚙️Type: Post Light | Plug’n’Play | Holiday Striped

⚙️Purpose: Exterior Illumination


          Post: Ht 7′ | Dia 3″ 

          Lens: H 10 1/4” | Dia 5 1/2

⚙️Lamp: 60W | LED12 3K, 4K

⚙️Lens: Acrylic | Yellow | Orange | Red | Blue | Green | Violet | White

⚙️Includes: 7′ cord * | Plug | Deck Mount

⚙️Construction: Aluminum | 0.125 Gauge

⚙️Installation: Exterior
⚙️Mount: Surface Mount | Direct Burial | “Plug’n’Play” (w/included deck mount)
⚙️Finishes: Shown – Striped | Candy Cane | Red & White | Additional Color Combinations Available | Color Chart

* 7′ plug’n’play cord is standard, but custom sizes are available. Please contact office for more info.




C7 Inspired Globe | Lens

⚙️Primelite Catalog: #1808

⚙️Type: Globes | C7 | Candlelight

⚙️Purpose: Exterior Illumination

⚙️Size: Ht 10 1/4” | Dia 5 1/2

⚙️Lamp: 60W | LED12 3K, 4K

⚙️Lens: Acrylic 

⚙️Construction: Acrylic | Blow Mold

⚙️Installation: Exterior
⚙️Finishes: Yellow | Orange | Red | Blue | Green | Violet | White




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