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Primelite Brite💡& Jelly Jar


In addition to this week’s latest LED retrofit, let us introduce you to our newest integrated LED system. Our new LED12 (TYPE2) offers a brighter LED solution to any of our Jelly Jar, included, lighting fixtures. One of the first fixtures to take advantage of this new LED is Gooseneck #427/16-4-850. The inclusion of the LED12 (Type2) offers a brighter output of 900 lumens.


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Gooseneck #427/16-4-850 LED12 is crafted from 100% aluminum, includes the LED12 (TYPE2) and a Clear Glass Prismatic Jelly Jar. Other Jelly Jar colors are available, including frosted, red, blue, yellow, green and the aforementioned clear. 



With the addition of any of our integrated LED systems – LED10, LED12LED12 (Type2), and LED22 – our LED goosenecks bring a brighter illumination to any project. Offering a strong light source for signs, storefronts, canopies, retail, restaurants, commercial exterior, and interior uses.


As with all our LED lights, once you add in power consumption savings, our Goosenecks, with integrated LED systems, are as cost-effective as they are durable! Primelite Mfg offers a 5-year warranty on all our integrated LED systems (iLEDs)!  


gooseneck #427/16-4-850



Catalog: Primelite  #427/16-4-850 LED12

Style:  Gooseneck | Sign Light

Size:  Dia 16″ | Ht. 18″ | Ext 30″
Shade / Head: #427 – Dia 16″ | Ht. 18″
      (Available Shade #427 sizes: 10″ (#427/10A) | 16″ (#427/16A) | 20″ (#427/20A))
Arm: #850 – 22″
     LED12 (TYPE2) | 900 Lumens | 3K
Voltage: 120V
Jelly Jar: Glass | Clear Prismatic (other colors available)
Construction: 100% Aluminum | Shade: Spun Aluminum | Arm: Extruded Aluminum | Canopy: Cast Aluminum
Finishes:  Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request.
technical drawing gooseneck #427/16-5-850
Technical Drawing (Cut Sheet):
Technical Drawing (Cut Sheet):
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