What’s The Buzzzzz? Primelite #19/853

Planes. Airport. Amelia. Primelite!

Once again Primelite Manufacturing has been spotted out in the wild! The latest siting? MacArthur Airport in Islip, Long Island New York.  Our #19/853 sign lights have been brightening the way for visitors as they illuminate the MacArthur Airport sign leading into the airport.

Located between Montauk Point 67 miles (108 km) to the east and Manhattan 44 miles (71 km) to the west, MacArthur Airport serves the three million residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties and travelers who want an alternative to the congestion at JFK and LaGuardia airports – both in Queens.*

In the past MacArthur airport (previously Islip Airport) has been visited by such aviation luminaries as Amelia Earhart and Clarence Duncan Chamberlin. Primelite is proud to help brighten the way to this historic airport.

Featured Fixture:  Primelite #19/853
Technical Drawing: Primelite #19/853

*source: Wikipedia – MacArthur Airport