Featured Fixture: #1971-LED18 (Dark Sky Friendly)

Featured Fixture: # 1971-LED18

Primelite’s featured fixture this week is the #1971-LED18. Part of Primelite’s “Dark Sky Friendly“* collection, the #1971-LED18 includes wall bracket #A61 and an 18 Watt LED which outputs 7200 lumens. Customize your fixture with a choice of 29 powder coated colors.

“Dark Sky Friendly” light fixtures are designed… 

“to preserve and protect the night time environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting.” Light pollution is the result of outdoor lighting that is not properly shielded, allowing light to be directed into the eyes and the night sky. Light that shines into the eyes is called glare and light shining into the night sky above the horizon causes skyglow. Lighting can also cause light trespass when it is directed into areas that it is not wanted, e.g., a neighbor’s yard and windows. *

Consider our #1971-LED18, or any of our “Dark Sky Friendly” fixtures, for your next outdoor lighting project!

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#1971-LED18 – $750.00.
Ht. 30″ x Wt. 19″
Bracket: 14″ x 6″
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*”Dark Sky Friendly” / Dark Sky Movement – Wikipedia