#tbtPrimelite: Who Said Globes Have To Be Round?

#tbtPrimelite Globes

#Globes! #Globes? #Globes!


This week’s #tbt is another trip through our 1970s catalogs, highlighting our selection of exterior globes. Designed for placement atop our collection of exterior posts, Primelite’s globes weren’t, and still aren’t, all round! Primelite offered glass and polycarbonate globes in clear, smoked, white and Orange!! (Actually amber, but it sure looks orange!) And aside from the round globes, we also offered globes in unique and molded glass shapes. In fact, Primelite still offers a wide selection of exterior, and interior globes, many of which are still not round!

 #tbtPrimelite Scan

Original scan of 1970 Primelite catalog page