#tbtPrimelite Victorian Gas Lights II



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#tbtPrimelite: In the 1960’s Victorian inspired home design was very popular, with many mid-century homes showcasing Victorian furniture, lighting and home accessories. At the time, Primelite Mfg’s catalogs featured their line of Victorian gaslight-inspired lighting. Our Victorian lighting series featured colorful and textured glass lampshades that successfully captured that charming “gas-glow” of Victorian lamps. Our popular fixtures would illuminate the interiors of homes. Nationwide.




The Victorian gaslight collection included a range of hanging and wall mounted lights, incorporating decorative brass arms, hanging chains and colorful glass shades. An interior designer’s delight; these lights were available in custom finishes including; Polished Brass and Antique Brass . The textured glass shades were available in colors including; Ruby, Amber, Cranberry, “Acqua” and Opal White. 


Victorian Gas-Light catalog page scan

Victorian Gas-Light catalog page scan