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#tbtPrimelite modern


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#tbtPrimelite: Chrome was a big design feature during the 1980’s. Taking notice Primelite Mfg introduced their “Modern – By Primelite” chrome lighting series. Incorporating chrome fixtures and white globe lights, “Modern” was indeed Primelite’s most “modern” lighting series. While the clean, stark and modern look was very popular, Primelite introduced some color into all this starkness. Primelite’s collection included Lucite shades available in color; Blue, Green, Amber, Red and Smoke. 


#then&now Mason Jar collection


#then&now: Today Primelite continues to bring color to our fashion fixtures. As an example, we’re highlighting our Mason Jar Collection which includes the choice of tinted Mason Jars, including the “Spreader” featured above. Our Mason Jars are available in blue, red, green, yellow, frosted and clear giving you a large variety of mix and match color. Check out our catalog – “Primelite Collection: Mason Jar Series” for more information.


Modern by Primelite collection

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Mason Jar Series

Primelite Collection: Mason Jar Series


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