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#tbtPrimelite: This week’s #tbt is a shout-out to the coolness that was the 1980’s. With a palette of grays, turquoise, and dusty pinks, chrome  was the perfect accent. Primelite, never far from the fashions of the time, introduced a collection of lights for the hippest trendsetters of the decade. Among its collection was this spectacular pendant, appropriately called “Sputnik,” available in sparking metallic finishes; brushed nickel, polished brass and, of course, chrome! With its clear decorative globe lights, this light glistened and glowed, as it filled many sophisticated and stylish homes and offices with light.

#thenandnow: Today Primelite’s catalog still features an updated version of this beauty, known as #70 Sputnik.


#70 sputnik