#tbtPrimelite 1979 Pool Table Lights

#tbtPrimelite pool table lights


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#tbtPrimelite: “So Old…They’re New!” Primelite’s flashback this week highlights our pool table lighting. Primelite’s pool table lights perfectly illuminated the felt landscapes of pool tables everywhere. Featured in a 1979 catalog, our 3 models were perfect for pool tables in bars and pool rooms, as well as in home pool rooms. Constructed of metal and available in many of the popular colors of the time (harvest gold, apple green, avocado green, burnt orange and our special “pool table green”). We even offered a glass diffuser to soften the lighting below. 


#then&now pool table lighting


#then&now: “So Old…They’re New!” And 36 years later Primelite has “Still Got It!” Offering the same pool table light fixtures, modernized and updated. Now made of spun aluminum, replacing the heavier metal used back in the 1970s. As lighting has advanced over the decades we’ve made sure our pool table lights have keep abreast, and our fixtures are now available with a 22 watt LED light. We’ve also expanded our color and finish selections to include 29 different powder coated colors. Metallic finished are available as well.  

#then&now: Primelite pool table light models: Primelite Pool Table Lights #39/19A & #23/19A

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#then&now pool table lights

“We Still Got it!” Primelite still offers these pool table lights featured in a 1979 catalog

Scan of original Primelite catalog page from 1979

Scan of original Primelite catalog page from 1979 highlighting our pool table lights




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