Repost: #tbtPrimelite 1970s “Glamour Globes”

#tbtPrimelite 1970s Glamour Globes

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#tbtPrimelite: Primelite’s flashback this week highlights our “Glamour Globes” series from the 1970s. Heavily influenced by the disco era, these fun globes were constructed of polycarbonate and embedded with crackle chips, within the globes, creating the metallic finish shown. Available in the “de rigueur” colors of the time, including green, gold, blue, red, and white. These globes were, and still are, the definition of “cool”!


#then&now primelite globes

#then&now: Contrasting our Primelite globe fixtures from 1970s and 2015.

Globes have always been one of Primelite’s most popular styles of lighting. But did you know globes are no longer just round? Today Primelite offers globes in many shapes; including cube, ellipsoid, “deco”, and round. While the colorful “Glamour Globe” series is no longer available, we do offer our globes in opal, smoke and clear. Materials range from glass, acrylic, polyethene, polycarbonate and are available in sizes from 6″ to 36″*.

Our globe selections work in stylish interiors as well as in all types of commercial locations; office buildings, retail spaces and restaurants, to outdoor utilitarian situations including the post lights used in parks, parking lots and street lighting. Primelite globes have even appeared in magazines, television and movies.

So whatever, and wherever, your lighting needs are, Primelite’s globes can fit your project and budget.

Page from Primelite 1970s catalog featuring the Glamour Globe" series.

Primelite 1970s catalog page featuring the Glamour Globe” series.


 * Not all shapes are available in all materials or colors. Consult our catalog or office for specific availability. 


(Repost. Originally posted Oct. 15, 2015)