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#tbtPrimelite | 1960s | #photo


#tbtPrimelite: While researching our collection of antique Primelite catalogs we came across original black and white photographs featuring some of our early lighting fixtures. The photos are stunning and over the upcoming weeks we will be sharing these photos in our weekly #tbtPrimelite series.

To start things off this week we’re highlighting fixture #2706G, a 6 candelabra brass chandelier. As you can see this is old school photography. Though it does appear that the light reflections on the glass shades were “enhanced.” But rather than the digital magic of today, these light reflections & glow appear to have been actually painted on the photo! As was common in the days before Photoshop. Old school photo touchups and special effects were done by hand and on the actual photo! By artists! Something that is now long gone.

Anyway, chandelier #2706G came with 6 x 60 watt candelabras, glass shades and was available in different finishes; Polished Brass, Old English, and Pewter.  




#details #details #details: Its said that perfection is all in the details! Upon closer reflection you can see traces of the actual photographic shoot. Look closely at the brass globe at the bottom of the chandelier and you can see the reflection of the photo studio where the photo was shot. Humorously you can see the reflection of the not quite hidden white blind in which the photographer stood when shooting the actual picture. Versions of which are still practiced today, though any traces are easily removed in post-production. Now looking closely at a candelabra. You can see the painted highlights on the glass shade and candelabra bulb. Another artistic touch from a very talented retoucher. 


original scan

Scan of 1960s photograph of Primelite chandelier #2706G