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Linear Lights #5750/852-ESW
    Once again Primelite Mfg. is shouting from the rooftops “that we are very pleased” to introduce a new, efficient, innovative and affordable light from our Linear Lighting Collection […]

Shouting From The Rooftops!

Wall Mount #620 LED
    Cheese! ✅ Shoes! ✅ Potatoes! ✅ Golf Clubs! ✅ Pie! ✅ And of course – Wedgies! 😉     Triangular. Angled. Slim on one end, wider towards the other. The world […]

Primelite’s Illuminating Wedges

In a white room with bright colors
    … With Our Floor Lamps In Bright Colors! 🎶     Sure, a pure white room with just a pop of color can be stunning, but you don’t have […]

🎶 In A White Room …

Linear Lights #5750WW | #5751WW
    What! Me Worry? There’s no reason to worry when choosing light fixtures from Primelite Mfg. Efficient, innovative and affordable lighting is our mission, and today we’re featuring the latest […]

Primelite, Wall Washing Your Worries Away! 💡🛁

floor Lamp #231/39-19
    Triple S⚙️cket to Me, Baby!!!   Introducing Floor Lamp #231/39-19, the one with the classic design and triple socket. You’ll find our lamp to be unique in both […]

Socket to Me, Socket to Me …

downlight #5750F & #5751F
    When mounted, Downlights #5750F and #5751F almost disappear visually. Offering a calming workplace illumination without any distracting hardware     Introducing our clients to the latest, and greatest, in lighting […]

Our Lights’be Dancing on the Ceiling! #5750F / #5751F

floor lamp #231/510
  …and Blue, and Green, and Yellow, and Orange, and Chrome, and Bronze and, …and, …and…   If its color your want, its color you get! Customization is our speciality […]

Floor Lamp #231/510💡 in Black and White

Floor Lamp #231LG is a designers dream!
    Customize. Customize. Customize. We’re All About The Customize!     Primelite seems to always be highlighting our superior exterior lighting collections. But did you know that we offer […]

Floor Lamp #231LG is a Designers Dream!

Whats the Buzz Adams, MAss
  Gooseneck #15/850 Globe Street Light #1230-4 GNO Linear Light #5748-LED26 Are the Buzz🐝zzz!     “The people of Adams, Massachusetts know the value of having American made products in their town. They […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Adams, Mass?