primelite exterior light

Primelite MFG welcomes you to the first of our short informative Globe series. In this Series we’ll be discussing and explaining all aspects of our Globes. In this Part 1 […]

WATCH: Globe Series Pt1

globe pendant #288/3 LED90
  “Get Your Globe On!”¬†   It’s time to Globe! It’s time to Glow! It’s time to get your Globe on, with our versatile and multifaceted Globes!   [Tweet “Globe […]


gooseneck #57/865 ESW LED
  “YeeHaw!”¬†   Get along lil‘ doggies,¬†there’s a new gooseneck in town – Gooseneck¬†#57/865 ESW LED24 – and Primelite is pleased to reintroduce this flexible beauty, now available in a […]

There’s a New Primelite Gooseneck in Town

garden light #26/721-4WG LED
  A Garden’s¬†‚ú®Glimmer¬†‚ú®Glint¬†‚ú®Glow   As the summer light¬†fades into another evening’s dusk, an illuminating secret is revealed. For¬†what was once hidden can now be savored in the glimmer of a […]

Welcome To The Secret Of A Garden’s Light

gooseneck #15/859
  Gooseneck¬†#15/859 is the BuzzūüźĚzzz!     BuzzūüźĚzzz!:¬† Fixture:¬†Gooseneck¬†#15/859 Location:¬† Amity Mall, Amityville, NY Installation: Exterior | Storefronts | Signage         BuzzūüźĚzzz!Specs: Catalog:¬†#15/859 Style:¬† Gooseneck | Sign […]

What is the BuzzūüźĚzzz! in Amityville, NY?

gooseneck #427/16-4-850
  Primelite Briteūüí°& Jelly Jar   In addition to this week’s latest LED retrofit, let us introduce you to our newest integrated LED system. Our new LED12 (TYPE2) offers a […]

PB&JJ (Primelite Brite & Jelly Jar)

u¬∑til¬∑i¬∑tar¬∑i¬∑an yoÕěo til…ôňąterńď…ôn/ adjective ¬† ¬† ¬†designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive. synonyms: ¬† ¬† ¬†practical,¬†functional,¬†pragmatic,¬†serviceable,¬†useful,¬†sensible,¬†efficient,¬†utility,¬†workaday,¬†no-frills;¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†plain,¬†unadorned,¬†undecorative ¬† ¬† Another week, another light fixture added […]

Simply Utilitarian in Both Design and Function

¬† Bright Lights at Nights:¬†Primelite Bollards¬†   Primelite Manufacturing is proud to announce a new addition to our LED catalog,¬†the Bollard #5310-3 LED20. With its integrated¬†LED, our bollards are perfect […]


gooseenck #38/853 | Harvard Square, MA
  Gooseneck¬†#38/853 is the BuzzūüźĚzzz!   BuzzūüźĚzzz!:¬† Fixtures:¬†Gooseneck¬†#38/853 Location:¬† The World’s Only Curious George Store, Harvard Square, MA Installation: Exterior | Storefront | Signage       BuzzūüźĚzzz!Specs: Catalog:¬†#38/853 Style:¬† […]

What is the BuzzūüźĚzzz! in Harvard Square, MA?