What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Manhattan? Again!


Whats the buzzz! Manhattan? Again!

Primelite’s circles of stars illuminating the “skies” of New York



Our Acrylic Globes are the Buzz🐝zzz!


It’s said that Manhattan is the city that doesn’t stop. And helping to keep the Big Apple buzzing and bright? Why Primelite Manufacturing, of course! 


And while we’re doing our best to help keep New York bright, and safe, we’re also Buzzz🐝zzz-ing with excitement, as once again, our lights can be found illuminating the way, and lives, of New Yorkers. 


Globes #286 and #306 hanging from the rafters in NY



The latest Buzzz🐝zzz finds our Acrylic Globe Pendants hanging from the rafters in uptown Manhattan. High above the shoppers of this haven of makeup, colors and beauty, our Globe Pendants, including #286 and #306, are as bright as the stars in the sky. Look up and admire the simple beauty of a “sky” full of our circle “stars”. 



 Globes #286 and #306 hanging from the rafters in NY



At this installation you’ll find our Acrylic Globes equipped with energy efficient LED modules. As an example, the 16″ Globes, #286, are fitted with LED20, while our 36″ Globes, #306, have LED50s installed.


Primelite Globe Pendants. Simplicity in design. Efficiently economical. And impressively in place! Primelite Mfg. really is the Buzzz🐝zzz!



Globes #286 and #306 hanging from the rafters in NY



Buzz🐝zzz! Specs:

Globe pendants #276-#306

🐝 Catalog: #276 LED – #306 LED (13 fixtures)

🐝 Type: Globe Pendants

🐝 Size: 6″ – 36″ (13 options)

🐝 Lamp: LED Module (installed)

🐝 Material: Globe : Acrylic | Pendant Hardware: Steel

🐝 Globe Color: Clear | Opal | Smoke

🐝 Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors | Custom finish upon request 

🐝 Location: Manhattan, New York











Photos: © 2021 Primelite Manufacturing, NY