Repost: Relight Your Fire with Stylish 1970s Gaslamps

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This week we’re #tbt-ing a page from one of our 1970s Primelite catalogs, featuring our Victorian “Gaslamp by Primelite” series. Reflecting the last century’s growing re-interest in Victorian styling, our Gaslamps captured the spirit, and feeling, of the old-time lighting. Updated with modern materials and finishes, the series was available in Old English Brass, Antique Gold, Antique White, as well in special antique finishes. The Gaslamp series featured old-skool style glass globes and shades in updated colors. You can be sure these Gaslamps brightened many homes, restaurants, offices, dens and playrooms throughout the decade.


#tbt 1970s original catalog scan

Here is a scan of our original catalog page featuring the “Gaslamp by Primelite” series.


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