Gooseneck Light #20/12-850 LED22


The new LED Gooseneck #20/12-850 LED22 includes a large 12″ shade. Is bigger always better? Well a bigger shade allows us to integrate a larger LED system, ensuring a considerable increase in illumination for signs, canopies, storefronts, commercial, retail and restaurant situations.





Catalog: #20/12-850 LED22

Style: Gooseneck

Size:  Dia 12″ | Ht. 19½″ | Ext 25″
Shade / Head: Dia 12″ | Ht. 13½” (#20/12)
Arm: 22″ (#850)
Lamp: LED22 *iLEDs (Integrated LED System), 1800 Lumens, 3K/4K
Construction: 100% Aluminum | Shade: Spun Aluminum | Arm: Extruded Aluminum | Canopy: Cast Aluminum
Finishes:  Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request. Shown: Aluminum


Primelite Fixture is available in these lighting options

This Primelite Fixture is available in these lamp options:


LED (LED12, LED22 | 800, 1800 Lumens | 3K, 4K)





primelite colorchart

Primelite in color!
Primelite offers a wide selection of colors, 29 dazzling colors! From red, blue, yellow, orange, to our painted metallic finishes; chrome, galvanized, soft nickel and more. All available at no additional cost! Primelite will also work with you when a custom color is needed. Send us a paint chip or a pantone color, and Primelite will deliver the perfect fixture, color and finish!
Colors (powder coated): White, Matte White, Almond, Gray, Black, Black Gloss, Yellow, Orange, Red, Burgundy, Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Turquoise, Green, Hunter Green, Verdi Green, Soft Nickle, Aluminum, Chrome, Gold, Antique Brass, Copper, Galvanized, Bronze, Bronze Tone, Brown & Verdi Green rub.