Introducing The Industrial Series

The Industrial Series by Primelite Mfg is one of our newest collections and was designed with versatility in mind. Deliver a contemporary industrial feeling to any space with the series’ exposed pipe-like arms and its “Crossed Tees” and “Elbows.” This series brings a mix and match sensibility to commercial lighting design enabling you to choose among the parts and accessories to create the customized fixture you need. Whether its a simple one light wall fixture or a ceiling mounted multi-light fixture, the Industrial Series from Primelite is the answer.

Starting with the same arm, “Crossed Tee” and “Elbows” here are examples of how a few simple choices can bring a unique and personal look to your commercial space.

Primelite fixture #58/122. This simple ceiling mounted 2 light fixture starts with the addition of 2 – #58 cans in black. Not the right size cans? We actually have 3 sizes to choose from – #57, #58 and #59.

By exchanging the cans for 2 – #28 Bullets you now have Primelite fixture # 28/122. Again we offer 3 sizes of the bullets – #18, #28 and #38.

Replace the bullets with “Jelly Jars” and “Wire Guards” and you have Primelite fixture #26/122-4WG.

Not interested in a ceiling mounted fixture? Easily turn the fixture into a wall mount with the addition of one of our wall brackets.

And finally, customize you fixtures even more by choosing from 5 different “Jelly Jars”, shades and more than 25 colors of paint! The “Jelly Jars” are available in blue, red, amber, frosted and clear. The “Jelly Jars” pair perfectly with the Wire Guard for a fun industrial look.

Check out the full Industrial Series in the Primelite Catalog.