We’re Awarded the 2018 Sustainable Building Award

primelite mfg awarded Build Magazines @018 Sustainable building awards

BUILD Magazine Announces

The 2018 Sustainable Building Award Winners


The 2018 Sustainable Building Awards aim to reward the work done in the milieu of green building. From the pioneers to the rising stars; we commend the people who work tirelessly to ensure the global community decreases its collective carbon footprint.*


Primelite Mfg. is proud to announce that we have been awarded the “2018 Sustainable Building Award – Best Lighting Manufacturer (East USA)” by Build Magazine (UK) for our work in developing LED lighting systems for exterior and interior installations. Our new and retrofitted LED lighting fixtures feature Primelite’s custom “integrated LED system,” acknowledged for its bright output, lower power consumption, and cost-effective savings.


Much of our exterior lighting supports the Dark Sky initiative,** and Primelite continues to do our part to help promote dark skies. Our “Dark Sky Friendly” Gooseneck, Street, and Post Lights, feature an LED installation which avoids uplight light-spill and helps to avoid any additional contribution to light pollution. 


Catching society unaware, the buildings in which we work, live and play were, and in some cases still are, doing long-term damage to the environment. Since the days of the global energy crisis in the 1960s -70s, a movement to provide ecologically aware buildings with long term solutions has existed. Yet it has only been recently that major cities from across the world are passing laws and commissioning green buildings, as leaders realise the need for reduction in carbon footprints.*



*Build Magazine (UK) – The 2018 Sustainable Building Award Winners (Press Release)

**Learn more about the Dark Sky initiative and the Dark Sky Association – IDA | International Dark Sky Association.