Simple Utilitarian Form and Kaleidoscopic Colors

pendant #26WG LED12



Updating Primelite’s LED catalog is an ongoing, and ever-expanding, project. With our latest retrofit, Primelite’s 26WG LED 12 Pendant Series is now equipped with our new LED12 3K, offering a brighter LED solution, 900 lumens,  for your lighting projects. 


With its humble, simple utilitarian form and kaleidoscopic Jelly Jar colors, Pendant #26WG LED12 would bring a bright and colorful spot to any commercial or residential installation. Now imagine illuminating a cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, office, even a residential space, with a multiplicity of #26WG LED12 Pendants, in multiple colors and Jelly Jars. Most definitely a case of “more is definitely more!” 



Pendant #26WG LED12 is crafted from 100% aluminum, includes Wire Guard, LED12 3K, and a Glass Jelly Jar. Our Jelly Jars are available in a kaleidoscope of colors, including red, blue, yellow, green, clear and frosted.


pendant #26WG


And, as with all our LED options, once you add in power consumption savings, our pendants, with integrated LED systems, are as cost-effective as they are durable! And remember – Primelite Mfg offers a 5 year warranty on all our integrated LED systems (iLEDs)!






Style: Pendant | w/ Jelly Jar | Interior 
Size:  Dia. 4″ | Ht. 8″  
Jelly Jar: Glass | Clear (-4) | (Frosted -5)
Lamp:  LED12 3K |900 Lumens
Cord: 10′ | Vinyl | Black or White
     Shade: Aluminum (Spun)
     Canopy: Aluminum
     Wire Guard: Aluminum 
Finishes:  Choose from 29 powder coated colors | Custom finishes available upon request


26WG technical drawing

Technical Drawing (Cut Sheet):
Technical Drawing (Cut Sheet):
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