Repost: What’s the Buzzzzz! in Rockville Center, NY?

buzzzzz gooseneck #20/850 

Gooseneck #20/850 is the Buzzzzz!

On your next trip to the Hamptons, on the south shore of Long Island New York, why not plan a little side trip on your way back into Manhattan? About 30 miles to the west you’ll find the sleepy little town of Rockville Center.

When you arrive, you’ll find yourself following in the footsteps of some of the town’s most famous alumni with a summertime stroll. Once twilight arrives make sure you stroll down S. Village Avenue, where you’ll find yourself bathed in the beautiful glow of Primelite’s Gooseneck fixtures #20/850! All 3 dozen of them!  

What alumni you may be wondering? Among the famous Rockville Center can claim as its own include; Amy Schumer (comedienne), Sandy Kofax (Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher), Joan Jett (rock musician), Billy Idol (rock singer), Doris Kearns Goodwin (historian, Pulitzer Prize winner),  Floyd Patterson (boxer, former Heavyweight Champion of the World), and of course, Howard Stern (Bababooey! Bababooey!) So pick up some Carvel Ice Cream** or a Ralph’s Italian Ice** and enjoy an evening stroll under the stars. And lights!

gooseneck #20/850



Featured Fixture: Primelite Gooseneck #20/850

Technical Drawing: Primelite Gooseneck #20/850







*In fact Wikipedia lists over 50 famous residents of Rockville Center

** It is New York after all!