What’s the Buzzzzz! Primelite #23-16F

On the outskirts of Raleigh North Carolina, just outside the downtown area, sits a large, and once, abandoned warehouse. This onetime grocery warehouse is now enjoying a new life as an incubator for small businesses and startups. Its developers hope it becomes home to manufacturing entrepreneurs. A place for making products and goods.

And who would be helping in a small and bright way to empower this dream? Why Primelite Manufacturing. Of course! Circling the building you will find Primelite’s red pendants #23-16F. As you can see in the video below, Primelite’s 23-16F flush mounted pendants are brightening the path for both the developers and clients of this industrial transformation.



Featured Fixture: Primelite Pendant Light Fixture 23/16F






Video Source: ABC11 Eyewitness News