Welcome To The Secret Of A Garden’s Light

garden light #26/721-4WG LED12


A Garden’s ✨Glimmer ✨Glint ✨Glow


As the summer light fades into another evening’s dusk, an illuminating secret is revealed. For what was once hidden can now be savored in the glimmer of a Primelite Garden Light. Our LED Garden Light Series adds a welcome glow, and a sophisticated classic silhouette, to any garden, walkway, park, conservatory or green space. 


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As we approach the axis of another summer, let us highlight Garden Light #26/721-4WG LED12. A wall mounted classic, #26/721-4WG will cast a magical accent in any garden. And choosing an Aluminum, Chrome or Galvanized powder coated finish, both water and weather resistant, imparts an additional gleam to your summer oasis.



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Primelite’s Garden Lights are constructed of cast aluminum and designed with style and practicality. Add in the power consumption savings from our integrated LED chips, and our lights are as cost effective as they are durable. Primelite’s Garden Light #26/721-4WG LED12 includes the clear prismatic, or frosted, jelly jar, mounting hardware and our exclusive LED12 watt system (iLEDs). 


Now isn’t it time Primelite brightened your world? And night?


garden light #26/721-4WG LED12



Catalog: Primelite  #26/721-4WG LED12

Style:  Wall Mount | Garden Light

Size:  Dia 4½″ | Ht. 10½″ | Ext 8″
     Incandescent: 1/100A
     LED: LED12 3K | 900 Lumens
Voltage: 120V
Jelly Jar: Glass | Clear Prismatic (other colors available)
Construction: 100% Aluminum | Shade: Spun Aluminum | Arm: Extruded Aluminum | Wire Guard: Cast Aluminum
Finishes:  Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request

technical drawing #26/721-4WG

Technical Drawing (Cut Sheet):
Technical Drawing (Cut Sheet):
LED12 3K
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