Dark Sky Friendly

Post Light #1286N.3-39-1963 LED20
  Primelite continues to “Brighten Your World”, while not contributing to light pollution, with the release of our “Dark Sky Friendly” Gooseneck Post Light #1286N/3-39-1963 LED20. The included LEDs are nestled […]

Primelite, Brightening Your World, Not Our Planet!

#1325 LED40
  Together we can work to bring back the sky for future generations. The International Dark-Sky Association is working to protect the night skies for present and future generations. As […]

Featured LED Fixture: #1325 LED40

Video: Primelite #1235 LED40/52
  Last week was International Dark Sky Week, a week that draws attention to problems associated with light pollution and promoting simple solutions available to mitigate it.  The nighttime environment […]

Featured LED Fixture: #1235

Featured Fixture: # 1971-LED18 Primelite’s featured fixture this week is the #1971-LED18. Part of Primelite’s “Dark Sky Friendly“* collection, the #1971-LED18 includes wall bracket #A61 and an 18 Watt LED which outputs […]

Featured Fixture: #1971-LED18 (Dark Sky Friendly)

It seems like everything and everyone these days is “going green”.  From pens made out of recycled water bottles to homemade household cleaners without the harsh chemicals, individuals and companies […]

Dark-Sky Friendly Lights