Featured LED Fixture: #1325 LED40

Street light #1325 LED40


Together we can work to bring back the sky for future generations.

The International Dark-Sky Association is working to protect the night skies for present and future generations. As Primelite continues to do our part to help promote dark skies, this week we introduce another in our “Dark Sky Friendly” series of street lights, #1325 LED40. With its LEDs nestled in the fixtures top, the light faces down while avoiding any uplight light-spill, helping to avoid any significant addition to light pollution. 

The included 4 x LED10s give a pleasant brightness and is perfect in any urban, suburban or commercial exterior situation. Parks, parking lots, walkways, town squares, sidewalks would all benefit from the cost saving of our LED street lights. The street light fits any of our 3″ posts.


#1325 LED40

Specs:  #1325 LED40

Style: Dark Sky* Friendly, Street Light, exterior

Style: Street lights, exterior
Size:  Ht. 27″ | Wt. 13″ 
Lamp:  LED40 (4 x LED10)
Construction: Globe: Acrylic, Holder: Cast Aluminum 
Post: 3″
Finishes:  Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request.
technical drawing #1325 LED40
Technical Drawing: #1325 LED40
*Learn more about the Dark Sky initiative and the Dark Sky Association – IDA | International Dark Sky Association.
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