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Sign Light #7524/855 LED


Illuminate, Safely, the Beauty of the Night


Another week, another new light fixture added to Primelite’s LED catalog. This week we’re introducing Sign Light #5724/855. Utilitarian in both design and function, #5724/855 offers a strong and bright spread of 5K LED illumination. Its 24″ head is available in 2 LED options, LED47 (=175 MH) and LED66 (=250 MH).


The sign light includes 2 – 90° swivels for accurate and precise positioning, making this fixture perfect for lighting larger signs, storefronts and wall washings. In fact consider this fixture for use in parking lots, alleyways, anywhere strong, and cost-effective, lighting is needed.


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From our humble beginnings in 1960, we have continued to develop, update and upgrade our gooseneck light fixtures. And as the lighting industry embracing the LED, Primelite will continue its research and development to deliver the latest in lighting solutions.


head - #5724-855-LED

Still on the fence about proposing an LED gooseneck versus the old incandescent standby? Just remember – Savings! Savings! Savings! Because once you add in the power consumption savings, our fixtures are as cost-effective as they are durable.


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And remember – Primelite Mfg offers a 5-year warranty on all our LED systems!


sign light #5724-855-LED


Catalog: #5724/855 LED

Style: Sign Light

Size: Ht. 16″ | Ext. 17″ | Wt. 30″
Head: Wt. 12″ | Ht. 6″ | Dpt. 4″ (#5724)
Arm: 17″ (#859)
Swivel: 90°
Lamp: LED47 (light output = 175MH) | LED66 (light output = 250MH) | 5K 
     Head Housing: Cast Aluminum
     Arm: Extruded Aluminum
     Canopy: Cast Aluminum
Lens: Clear Polycarbonate
Finish:  Gray
technical drawing 5724-855-LED-drawing-blog
Technical Drawing (cut sheet):
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