Spring Fixtures

As the Easter season approaches, the team at Primelite Mfg. is excited to announce our new line of acrylic Easter Egg Lights. Compatible with both incandescent and LED bulbs or available with our integrated LED 12 chip, these festive egg-shaped globes are the perfect addition to your lineup of Easter products. Our Easter Egg Lights are available in blue, green, orange, purple, red, white and even yellow.

Our new Egg Globe Lights come in pendant, ceiling flush, wall bracket, garden, and post light configurations. So no matter what kind of Easter eggs your customers want in their basket, Primelite will have you covered! Best of all, it’s an easy change to a plain 6″ or 8″ acrylic globe so these fixtures can be used year-round.

Easter will be hare today and gone tomorrow, so put a little Spring in your step and reach out to us soon to learn more about Primelite’s new lineup of Easter Egg Lights!

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