Primelite’s Globes are Big. And Round. And Now, Even Brighter!

primeltie LED90 globes


Bigger! Badder! Brighter! 


Primelite Mfg has always specialized in globes. Big globes. Little Globes. Round globes. Cubed globes. Outdoor globes. Indoor globes. Clear globes. White globes. And in sizes galore, from a dainty 6″ to a 36″ behemoth.


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This week we are happy to introduce our latest series of LED globe pendants, all now available with an LED90 option. Ranging in sizes from 18″ (#288) and 20″ (#290) to 22″ (#292) and a robust 24″ (#294), our globe pendants are perfect for indoor applications: residential, commercial situations, restaurants, auditoriums, retail, etc. 



Make a statement with these large LED globe pendants, and add a sophisticated and classic silhouette to any interior installation. Includes the 10′ vinyl cord, canopy, and our 90 watt integrated LED system* (iLEDs). Easily customize the ball plate & canopy with your choice of 29 powder coated colors. (see color chart).


[Tweet “Primelite Mfg specializes in globes. Big globes. Little Globes…from…6″ to a 36″ behemoth”]


And remember – Primelite Mfg offers a 5-year warranty on our iLED systems.


Primeltie Globes are now available in LED90

Specs: LED90 Globe Series

Style: Globe

Size:  18″ (#288), 20″ (#290), 22″ (#292) and 24″ (#294
Globe: White Acrylic
Lamp: LED90* (3K, 4K) – iLEDs (Integrated LED System) | Lumens – 3K = 20,250 | 4K = 2100 | (globes also available in LED50)
Cord: 10′ Vinyl, Black or White
Construction: Canopy & Ball Plate: Aluminum 
Installations: Indoors; residential, commercial situations, restaurants, retail, etc.
Finishes:  Choice of 29 powder coated colors (see below). Custom finish upon request. Shown: Black
globe #288/3-LED 290/3-LED 292/3-LED 294/3-LED

primeltie color selection


technical drawings of LED90 globes



Technical Drawings (Cut Sheets):

     Globe #288/3 LED90

     Globe #290/3 LED90

     Globe #292/3 LED90

     Globe #294/3 LED90




primelite LED18
*Lamp: iLEDs (Integrated LED System)
     LED18 x 5 = LED90



Please Note: iLEDs (Integrated LED system) is Primelite’s custom designed, and built, LED system used in our Globes. Primelite Mfg offers a 5-year warranty on our iLED systems.
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