Gearing Up With Bigger! Better! Brighter! LED Solutions!

Gearing Up with Gooseneck #20/12-850


The Gears Are Turning Here at Primelite

As We Continue to Introduce New & Improved LED Lighting Solutions!


Primelite continues to bring superior solutions to your LED lighting needs. This week we are introducing an updated LED version of our Gooseneck #20/12-850. Now available with a brighter 22 Watt LED option, it will deliver increased illumination to your clients plans, designs and projects.

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The new LED Gooseneck #20/12-850 LED22 includes a large 12″ shade. Is bigger always better? Well a bigger shade allows us to integrate a larger LED system, ensuring a considerable increase in illumination for signs, canopies, storefronts, commercial, retail and restaurant situations.

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Better because, once again, we’re bringing you the latest in LED technology. We will continue to work, research and test to ensure we can bring you lighting with the latest in LED technology.

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That’s 1800 Lumens of brightness! Delivering over 2 times the illumination of our original LEDs. You can now offer your clients a technologically advanced, cost effective and classically handsome option for their projects.

Once you add in the power consumption savings, our goosenecks, with integrated LED systems, are as cost effective as they are durable. And remember – Primelite Mfg offers a 5 year warranty on all our integrated LED systems (iLEDs)!


Gooseneck #20/12-850 LED22


Catalog: #20/12-850 LED22

Style: Gooseneck

Size:  Dia 12″ | Ht. 19½″ | Ext 25″
Shade / Head: Dia 12″ | Ht. 13½” (#20/12)
Arm: 22″ (#850)
Lamp: LED22 *iLEDs (Integrated LED System), 1800 Lumens, 3K/4K
Construction: 100% Aluminum | Shade: Spun Aluminum | Arm: Extruded Aluminum | Canopy: Cast Aluminum
Finishes:  Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request. Shown: Aluminum
Technical Drawing Gooseneck #20/12-850



Technical Drawing:

Gooseneck #20/12-850











Lamp: LED22







Please Note: iLEDs (Integrated LED system) is Primelite’s custom designed, and built, LED lighting system.
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