Primelite Mfg Has Always Known Freeport NY Was Cool!

Primelite MFG has always known that Freeport, New York was cool.  And now the travel related website Matador Network has “seconded our emotion” with their article “The 20 Coolest Towns in the US.” Coming in at #7 is Freeport, New York. Our hometown!

Its nice to see our hometown being honored with such other “cool” spots as Laguna Beach, California; Sun Valley, Idaho; Marfa, Texas; and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“Freeport is a resilient little piece of Long Island, rapidly rebuilding itself after the devastating damage done by Hurricane Sandy. While other suburbs are seeing a millennial mass-exodus due to high real estate issues, Freeport’s population continues to grow with a diverse mix of young families and people looking to live close to Manhattan, without all the noise, garbage, and hipsters.” *

Primelite MFG has always known that Freeport New York was cool. When we opened our doors in Freeport over 50+ years ago we knew it was the right decision. Through freezing winters, sweltering summers, gorgeous springs, fantastic falls and hurricanes Primelite MFG is still proud to reside in our little town.

PrimeliteMFG has always known that Freeport New York was cool, and now Matador’s does too.

“Why it’s so cool
The Nautical Mile, a strip of classy seafood restaurants like E.B. Elliot’s, and outdoor clubs like Bracco’s, is at the town’s disposal, and has direct access to the Atlantic ocean for those wishing to cruise in via boat.” *

PrimeliteMFG has always known that Freeport New York was cool and a perfect place to work. Now Matador’s does too.

Perfect Day
Grab some strawberry cheesecake pancakes at the Imperial Diner, a longtime Freeport staple located in the center of town, which is less of a greasy spoon and more of a “Wow, they serve organic, free-range chicken?!” sort of joint. Ride your beach cruiser to the rec center and check out the ongoing arts and culture classes held there, then head down to the Nautical Mile for some fried shrimp and sunset drinks at Jeremy’s Ale House.” *

Primelite MFG has always known that Freeport New York was cool. Now the rest of the world knows too!

* Source: Matador Network – “The 20 Coolest Towns in the US