Oh What a Feeling, We’re Dancing on the Ceiling!

primelite ceiling flush #5724 LED47


¡ƃuᴉlᴉǝɔ ǝɥʇ uo ƃuᴉɔuɐp ǝʞᴉl lǝǝɟ ǝʍ ‘ƃuᴉlǝǝɟ ɐ ʇɐɥʍ ɥO


Primelite Mfg is excited to introduce a brand new LED fixture this week – Ceiling Flush #5724 LED47! Rated for wet areas, this fixture is the perfect way to brighten any exterior, and interior space, including parking lots, gas stations, industrial, commercial, and warehouse spaces. 



primelite ceiling flush #5724 LED47


Constructed of cast aluminum, with a polycarbonate lens, the #5724 LED47’s illumination is equal to 175 MH, bringing durability, sustainability, and safety to any installation. Once you factor in the power consumption savings, our LED fixtures, are as cost-effective as they are reliable.



And remember – Primelite Mfg offers a 5-year warranty on all LED systems!


ceiling flush #5724 LED47

Tech⚙️Specs: #5724 LED47

Catalog: #5724 LED47

Style: Ceiling Flush

Size: Ht. 4″ | Wt. 24⅛” | Lth. 7”

Lamp: LED47 | 5K
Mounting: Surface Mount 
     Housing: Cast Aluminum
     Lens: Clear Polycarbonate
Finish: Gray 

technical drawing ceiling flush #5724 LED47

Technical Drawing #5724 LED47

(cut sheet)



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