Introducing Primelite’s Catalog 2015

Primelite Manufacturing is proud to introduce their 2015 online catalog! The online version of our catalog allows you to easily search, bookmark & print individual or multiple pages, as well as view the technical drawing for the fixture.

The online version (Sections A & C*) of our catalog features Primelite’s selections of Sign lights, Goosenecks & Angle Shades;  LED Goosenecks, Angles Shades, Globes and Lanterns; Fluorescent Sign lights; Post, Wall & Parapet Mounts; Extra Heavy Gooseneck Wall Brackets; and much more. Once you’ve found a fixture you’re interested in, a simple click loads up a technical drawing of the fixture with sizes and dimensions.

Navigating the catalog is easy. Across the top you’ll find a tool bar which contains most of the icon / tools you’ll need to traverse the catalog. Print, search, bookmark, zoom, fullscreen mode and more right at your finger tips.

 Any  item featuring a red triangle offers a corresponding technical drawing. Just click on the item number and a technical drawing will open offering measurements and important information. Print , bookmark or even save the drawing for future viewing. (The drawing will open in a new browser tab)

Quick navigation is easy using either the Bookmark / Table of Contents panel, Tabs or search. Clicking on the bookmark icon will bring up the Table of Contents (above).

Using the tabs across the top of the catalog will also bring you right to the section you desire. Using the search feature allows you to find the actual item by catalog number.

Aside from the online version, the catalogs are also available as downloadable programs to run offline. Offering the same functions as the online version it will make it easy to check our products without being online. Please note that to access the technical drawings an internet connection is required.

Easily view the catalog online, using your browser, or download a PC compatible freestanding program that will allow you to view the catalog offline. For those on the go, our catalog is also viewable on your smart phone or tablet.


Right now Sections A & C of our catalog are available.***

 Primelite Catalog A – a freestanding program (section A) for PCs (zip file).

 Primelite Catalog C – a freestanding program (section C) for PCs (zip file).

* Section A contains:
Sign lights, Goosenecks & Angle Shades
Heads: Sign lights, Goosenecks & Angle Shades
Wall Brackets & Parapet Mount Arm Selections
Pendant Lights
Post, Wall & Parapet Lights
Fluorescent Sign Lights
Extra Heavy Gooseneck Wall Brackets
Heads: Extra Heavy Gooseneck Wall Brackets
Posts: Extra Heavy Gooseneck Wall Brackets
LED Gooseneck and Angle Shades
LED Post Globes
LED Lanterns

* Section C contains:
LED Gooseneck and Angle Shades
LED Post Globes
LED Lanterns

***Sections B, D, F & G coming soon!