Installing Weatherproof Electrical Outdoor Convenience Outlet

primelite convenience outlet

Note: These are instructions for installing Primelite’s Convenience Outlet.

1. Use only on nominal 3″ dia. post.

2. Turn power off at fuse or circuit breaker.

3. Connect black outlet wire to black power supply wire and black fixture wire. Connect white outlet wire to white power supply wire and white fixture wire. Connett green outlet wire to power supply ground and fixture ground. Make above connections using wire connectors suitable for this application. Wire connectors are not provided.

4. Attach convenience outlet to post. Insert receptacle into pre-drilled nominal 1 3/8′ hole. Thread the provided (2) screws into pre drilled and tapped holes (above and below 1 3/8″ dia. hole) and tighten. Make sure rubber gasket is between outlet and post. Check that the snap cover hinge is on top.

5. Not intended for ground installation. Do not install on a post or pole that results in a vertical rise of 25 feet or greater.