Primelite Will Have You Swinging From Our Chandelier

Primelite #738-10-LED154



Our Featured LED Fixture this week will have you swinging from our chandeliers! Behold the simple elegance of chandelier #738/10 LED154, beautifully enhanced by the golden swirls of color within its alabaster dome. This is an impressive chandelier perfect for any large commercial space, as well as many commercial interior installations including Commercial Buildings, Large Offices, Law Offices, Concert Halls, Music Venues and Grand Staircases. Also a favorite of Interior Designers, this light fixture would be a perfect addition to any grand home or large office space.


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Primelite chandelier #738-10 LED154

Primelite chandelier #738-10 LED154


Chandelier #738/10 LED154‘s acrylic alabaster dome comes housed in a 48″ steel structure that can be custom plated in chrome, polished brass or brushed nickel. We also offer a selection of 29 powder coated colors and can work with your designer for a custom finish and color if desired. The chandelier comes with 154 watts of LED (7 x LED22) and can be dimmed for precise lighting levels.



Primelite Chandelier #738/10 LED154


Catalog:  #738/10 LED154

Style: Chandelier, Hanging Pendant, interior
Size: Dia. 48″ | Ht. 50″
Dome: Alabaster, Acrylic
Lamp:  LED154 (7 x 22 Watt LED), dimmable (with standard dimmer)
Construction: Steel
Finishes:  Plated: chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel. Painted: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request

Technical Drawing Primelite Chandelier #738/10 LED154

Technical Drawing (Cut Sheet):

Pendant #738/10 LED154

Primelite Integrated LED System, LED22

Technical Drawing (Cut Sheet):





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