LED Lighting

low profile can collection
  Innovative, Efficient and Affordable   Primelite Mfg. is constantly working to bring our clients the latest in LED and lighting innovation. We follow this through by offering you a more efficient, […]

Introducing Low Profile Can #56 Collection

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Manhattan? Again!Our Acrylic Globes are the Buzz🐝zzz!
      Our Acrylic Globes are the Buzz🐝zzz!   It’s said that Manhattan is the city that doesn’t stop. And helping to keep the Big Apple buzzing and bright? Why […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Manhattan? Again!

Twas the month before Christmas. Featuring Holiday Striped Posts
    …And…!   ‘‘Twas the month before Christmas and all through town square, There was no special lighting, no brights, nothing there What a sad looking place, not a cheer filled the […]

T’was The Month Before…

Gooseneck #20/850
      Gooseneck #20/850 is the Buzz🐝zzz!   With the country opening up again, and life returning to some-sort-of normal, we’re once again seeking our lights IRL (in real life!). […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Manhattan!

Post Lights #116/16-1595
    Our latest Post Light… brings a Dark Sky friendly illumination to exterior projects and installations     Post Light #116/16-1594 LED     Our latest Post Light, #116/16-1595 LED, brings […]

Our Post Lights Bright the Night Skies Right

Whats the Buzz? Monmouth Junction, NJ? Again! Globe post light #1288/3-6110 is the Buzz.
      Globe Post Light #1288/3-6100 is the Buzz🐝zzz!     Quietly. Silently, Securely. While our Globe Lights might be noiselessly brightening your world, we are Buzzz🐝zzz-ing with excitement with another sighting […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Manmoth Junction, NJ?

Floor Lamp #231/280
  … With Globe Floor Lamps In Bright Colors! 🎶     Simple. Stylish. Elegant. Even if you aren’t living in “a white room, with black curtains” 🎶, you can […]

In Another White Room …

Whats the Buzz? Pittsfield, MA? Again! Gooseneck #23/14-859 is the Buzz.
      Gooseneck #23/14-859 is the Buzz🐝zzz!     Once again The Buzzz🐝zzz! finds us hi-lighting a lovely new town in our pursuit of Primelite IRL (in real life)! This time […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! in Pittsfield, MA?

PIER Mounts and Posts. Posts and Pier Mounts
    And Post Lights and Pier Mounts!     Primelite Mfg’s Post Lights are very versatile fixtures. Designed to fit our 3″ aluminum posts, we’ve found that many of […]

Pier Mounts and Post Lights!