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Primelite MFG welcomes you to the first of our short informative Globe series. In this Series we’ll be discussing and explaining all aspects of our Globes. In this Part 1 […]

WATCH: Globe Series Pt1

globe pendant #288/3 LED90
  “Get Your Globe On!”¬†   It’s time to Globe! It’s time to Glow! It’s time to get your Globe on, with our versatile and multifaceted Globes!   Globe Pendant¬†#288/3 […]


gooseneck #57/865 ESW LED
  “YeeHaw!”¬†   Get along lil‘ doggies,¬†there’s a new gooseneck in town – Gooseneck¬†#57/865 ESW LED24 – and Primelite is pleased to reintroduce this flexible beauty, now available in a […]

There’s a New Primelite Gooseneck in Town

garden light #26/721-4WG LED
  A Garden’s¬†‚ú®Glimmer¬†‚ú®Glint¬†‚ú®Glow   As the summer light¬†fades into another evening’s dusk, an illuminating secret is revealed. For¬†what was once hidden can now be savored in the glimmer of a […]

Welcome To The Secret Of A Garden’s Light

¬†¬†   Fall In Love ¬†With A Primelite Pendant   You’ll find this week’s featured fixture, Pendant #427/16 LED12, radiates with a sparkling elegance! Perfect for illumination in many interior, […]

Fall In Love With Our Bright and Elegant Pendant

Globes Globe Globes #442/3 LED20
  Globes¬†ūüĆź Globes¬†ūüĆź Globes   Primelite Mfg has always specialized in¬†globes. Big globes, little globes. Outdoor globes, indoor globes. Clear globes, white globes. Even cubed globes. And in sizes galore, […]

Our Fabulous Globes Make the World Go Bright

gooseneck #57/855 ESW LED12
  Primelite Proudly¬†Made in America   For over 50 years Primelite Mfg has hand-made and hand-assembled our gooseneck lights in our New York warehouse. We continue to use the same […]

American Pride – Primelite Strong and Bright

pendant #26WG LED12
    Updating¬†Primelite‚Äôs LED catalog¬†is an ongoing, and ever-expanding, project. With our latest retrofit, Primelite’s 26WG LED 12 Pendant Series is now equipped with our new¬†LED12 3K,¬†offering a brighter LED […]

Simple Utilitarian Form and Kaleidoscopic Colors