Best of Primelite: Barn Lights. Not Just For The Barn

Primelite Barn Light Series #23


This week’s featured fixtures are a “Best of Primelite.” Join us as we revisit some of our most popular LED fixtures. 

Whether you call them Barn Lights, Factory Shades or RLMs, our pendants are stylish, strong and now available in LED. This week, Primelite is featuring our Barn Light #23-18 series. Available in diameters from 10″ to an outstanding 24″, all fixtures are available in LED12, while the 16″, 19″ and 24″ shades are also offered in LED22.

Industrial and chic before its time, our barn lights are a blast from Primelite’s past. In fact we’re still using the same manufacturing process as in the 1960s! Our shades definitely have that authentic and nostalgic charm retro-fans and designers desire.

Constructed of spun aluminum, our Factory Shades / Barn Lights are handcrafted and hand assembled in our warehouse. Isn’t it time our lights brightened your warehouse, barn or home? Primelite’s Barn Light #23-18 series includes the LED array (12 watt or 22 watt, 3 or 4K), 18″ stem, canopy and is available in any of our 29 powder coated colors. 

barn light #23/14-18 LED12


Featured Fixture Specs 

Catalog: #23-18 series. Featured: #23/14-18 LED12 
Style: Factory Shade / Barn Light, RLM, Pendant Light
Sizes: Dia 10″ – 24″ |Stem 18″, ½” IPS
Lamp: LED12, 3 or 4K. 16″, 19″ & 24″ also available in LED22
Construction: Shade: Spun Aluminum. Stem: Aluminum. Canopy: Aluminum
Commercial Installation: Factories, Warehouses, Barns, Commercial Spaces, Office Conference Rooms
Residential Installation: Kitchens, Dens, Family Rooms, Bedrooms, Home Offices, Game & Billiard Rooms
Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom colors available. Shown: Black



technical drawing: pendant #23/14-18 LED12



Technical Drawing:

Featured: Pendant #23/14-18 LED12








LED12 & LED22





LED12 (array)


LED22 (array)







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