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Whats the Buzz Adams, MAss
  Gooseneck聽#15/850 Globe Street Light #1230-4 GNO Linear Light #5748-LED26 Are聽the Buzz馃悵zzz!     “The people of Adams, Massachusetts know the value聽of having American made products in their town. They […]

What’s The Buzz馃悵zzz! Adams, Mass?

u路til路i路tar路i路an yo蜑o til蓹藞ter膿蓹n/ adjective 聽 聽 聽designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive. synonyms: 聽 聽 聽practical,聽functional,聽pragmatic,聽serviceable,聽useful,聽sensible,聽efficient,聽utility,聽workaday,聽no-frills;聽 聽 聽 聽plain,聽unadorned,聽undecorative 聽 聽 Another week, another light fixture added […]

Simply Utilitarian in Both Design and Function

    Gooseneck聽#19/16-850 is the Buzz馃悵zzz!     Buzz馃悵zzz!: Primelite聽#19/16-850 Fixture: Gooseneck聽#19/16-850 Location:聽 World Supermarket, Plainfield, NJ Installation: Exterior | Storefront | Signage         聽 Buzz馃悵zzz!Specs: Catalog:聽Primelite聽#19/16-850 […]

What is the Buzz馃悵zzz! in Plainfield, NJ?

Gooseneck #111/10-864 is the Buzz馃悵zzz!   Buzz馃悵zzz!: Primelite聽#111/10-864 Fixture: Gooseneck | Sign Light Location:聽 Sabor Peruvian Fusion, West Revere, MA Installation: Exterior | Storefront       Buzzzzz!馃悵Specs: Catalog: #111/10-864 […]

What is the Buzzzzz! in West Revere, MA?

gooseneck #30/16-875 LED
  In our continuing effort to introduce new, exciting and efficient lighting choices, Primelite is proud to announce the #30/16-875 LED series of Gooseneck lights. Combining our popular shade, #30/16 […]

Primelite Delivers Fluted Waves of Illumination

What's the Buzzzzz! in N Cambridge, MA? Primeltie Gooseneck #19/850 SBP is the Buzzzzz!
  Primelite Gooseneck #19/850 SBP is the Buzzzzz!   Buzzzzz馃悵!:聽#19/850 SBP Fixture:聽Gooseneck Establishment: Bright Horizons, Early Education & Preschool Location: N. Cambridge, MA Installation: Exterior | Sign | Storefront Color […]

What’s the Buzzzzz! in N. Cambridge, MA?

Sign Light #7524/855 LED
  Illuminate, Safely, the Beauty of the Night   Another week, another new light fixture added to Primelite’s LED catalog. This week we’re introducing Sign Light #5724/855. Utilitarian in both […]

Introducing a Strong and Powerful Prime-lite

whats the Buzzzzz! in Islip, NY? Gooseneck #15/853 is the Buzzzzz!
  Gooseneck #15/853 is the Buzzzzz!   Buzzzzz馃悵!: Primelite #15/853 Fixture:聽Gooseneck Establishment: Yoga Bliss & Wellness Center Location: Islip, New York Installation: Exterior | Sign | Storefront Color Shown: Black, […]

What is the Buzzzzz! in Islip, NY?

whats the buzzzzz! in Manhattan? Gooseneck #20/855 is the Buzzzzz!
Gooseneck #20/855 is the Buzzzzz! 聽 Buzzzzz!:聽Primelite聽#20/855 Fixture: Gooseneck Establishment: The District (restaurant) Location: Manhattan, NY Installation: Exterior, Storefront, Canopies Color: Black聽 [Tweet “What’s the Buzzzzz! Manhattan? Gooseneck #20/855 is […]

What is the Buzzzzz! Manhattan?