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Globes Globe Globes #442/3 LED20
  Globes 🌐 Globes 🌐 Globes   Primelite Mfg has always specialized in globes. Big globes, little globes. Outdoor globes, indoor globes. Clear globes, white globes. Even cubed globes. And in sizes galore, […]

Our Fabulous Globes Make the World Go Bright

primelite school house pendant series
  “Three School House Lights  💡 💡 💡 Three School House Lights 💡 💡 💡 See How They Bright 💡 💡 💡 See How They Bright 💡 💡 💡 Have You Ever Seen Such’a Light So Right? 💡 💡 💡 […]

Primelite’s School House Lights, See How They Bright

What is the Buzzzzz! in Westford, MA? Globe Pendants #472 & 478 Are the Buzzzzz!
  Globe Pendants #472 & 478 are the Buzzzzz🐝!   Buzzzzz🐝!: Primelite #472 & #478 Fixture: Globe Pendant Establishment: Goldfish Swim School Location: Westford, MA Installation: Interior Globe: Polyethylene, 12″ & 18″  […]

What is the Buzzzzz! in Westford, MA?

larger globes
  Globes. Globes. Globes.   (It’s time for a “Best of Primelite,” a goodie about our larger sized globes. Enjoy!)   Primelite Mfg specializes in globes. Big globes. Little Globes. Round […]

Primelite’s Globes are Big. And Round. And LED.

Post Light #1286N.3-39-1963 LED20
  Primelite continues to “Brighten Your World”, while not contributing to light pollution, with the release of our “Dark Sky Friendly” Gooseneck Post Light #1286N/3-39-1963 LED20. The included LEDs are nestled […]

Primelite, Brightening Your World, Not Our Planet!

  #tbtPrimelite | 1960s | #Scintillating   #tbtPrimelite: While researching our collection of antique Primelite catalogs we’ve come across original black and white photographs featuring some of our early lighting fixtures. […]

Repost: #tbtPrimelite #1960s #Scintillating

  An Electrifying Valentine’s Day from your friends at Primelite Manufacturing!   Shortlink

An Electrifying Valentine’s Day!

primelite #280/3 LED10
  Primelite Globe #280-3 LED10   This week we are highlighting our Globe #280-3 LED10. The 10″ white acrylic globe comes with a 10 Watt LED, 10′ cord and is […]

Featured LED Fixture: #280/3 LED10

Primelite Post Globe Light: 1286-3 LED20
  Primelite Globe Post Light #1286-3 LED20 This week, Primelite Mfg’s featured LED fixture is the 16″ Globe Post Light #1286-3 LED20. Each acrylic globe comes with 2 x 10 […]

Featured Fixture: #1286-3 LED20

halloween 2015
Primelite’s very own “Great Pumpkin” made a special appearance on Halloween night. Our 20″ orange polyethylene globe dressed up as the Peanuts kids favorite pumpkin and delighted trick-or-treaters throughout the […]

What’s the Buzzzzz! Halloween 2015