Factory Shade

“”Everything that’s old is new, and everything that’s new is old!”   #tbtPrimelite: Whether you call them Barn Lights, Factory Shades or Warehouse Lights, these pendants have been a staple […]

#tbtPrimelite When Old Is New, And Now

Factory Shade / Barn Light #23/16-612
Whether you call them Factory Shades, Barn Lights or wall sconces, our angle arm light fixtures are stylish, strong and now available in LED. Primelite’s Featured Fixture this week is #23/16-612 […]

Primelite Designing the Best, For the Best

Pendant #23/19-LED22
Primelite Featured Fixture this week is another in our Factory Shade series, Pendant #23/19-LED22. Industrial and chic before its time, our factory shades are a blast from Primelite’s past. In fact […]

Soaring in Dance to the Light of the Room

gooseneck #23/16-850 LED12
Primelite once again returns to its roots, with the introduction of an LED version of our classic Gooseneck #23/16-850. Featuring our iconic Factory Shade, Gooseneck #23/16-850 LED12 is known for its […]

Featured Fixture: #23/16-850 LED12