What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Manhattan? Again!Our Acrylic Globes are the Buzz🐝zzz!
      Our Acrylic Globes are the Buzz🐝zzz!   It’s said that Manhattan is the city that doesn’t stop. And helping to keep the Big Apple buzzing and bright? Why […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Manhattan? Again!

Gooseneck #20/850
      Gooseneck #20/850 is the Buzz🐝zzz!   With the country opening up again, and life returning to some-sort-of normal, we’re once again seeking our lights IRL (in real life!). […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Manhattan!

Whats the Buzz? Bayshore, NY? Post Light #111-14-859 is the Buzz.
    Gooseneck #111/14-859 Is the Buzz🐝zzz!   Primelite Mfg is once again brightening the life, and meals, of restaurant patrons across the US. This time you’ll find us lighting the way […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Bay Shore, NY?