Buzzzzz! at the Beach - Post Light #23/16-1864
  Post Mount #23/16-1864 is the BuzzūüźĚzzz!   BuzzūüźĚzzz!:¬† Fixture: Post Mount #23/16-1864 Location:¬† Wall’s Warf, Bayville, NY Installation: Exterior | Beach       ¬† BuzzūüźĚzzz!Specs: Catalog: #23/16-1864 Style:¬† […]

BuzzūüźĚzzz! at the Beach! (Bayville, NY)

  From Streetlights to Daylight, Primelite Illuminating Your World     A new Prime-week. A new Prime-LED spotlight. This week we’re highlighting the newly¬†updated fixture¬†from our Street Light collection, #1226 […]

From Streetlights to Daylight, Illuminating Your World

    As Primelite Mfg continues to introduce new additions to our LED catalog, we’d like to¬†acquaint¬†you with¬†our latest retrofit¬†Post Light #1203 LED. Now available in 2 LED options, LED12 […]

Illuminate Your World, and the Nights, With Primelite

streetlight #1231 led series
¬† Our Classic Silhouette by Day. Our Classic Light¬†by Night.   (Another best of Primelite)¬†   In our continuing pursuit to ‚ÄúBrighten Your World, Not the Planet,” Primelite’s Street Light […]

Sunset Silhouettes, Primelite Nites

primelite street light #1225 LED
¬†   It’s Primelite! Yes, we’re Primelite, who’s new LED street lights are changing the course of street lighting. And who, while continuing to promote dark sky awareness, fights a […]

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird. It’s a ...

primelite street light #1215 LED series
  Not Of A Street Light! As Primelite continues to do our part to help promote dark skies, this week we are introducing another in our Dark Sky “Friendly”¬†street lights, […]

By The Light Of The Moon.

it was a dark and stormy prime-nite - street light #1229 LL LED
  “It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents – except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept […]

“it was a dark and stormy prime-nite”

streetlight #1271 LED series
With Street Lights from Primelite Cast a beautiful daytime silhouette, and nighttime shadows, with Primelite’s updated LED Street Light series #1271. Available now with a choice of 4 dimmable LED […]

Your Summer Nights Will Light So Bright

Streetlight #1232 LED84
Neither Snow nor Rain nor Gloom of Night Nothing. Nothing! Keeps Primelite Mfg from its commitment to help “Brighten Your World, Not¬†Our Planet“! Today we are proud to introduce the […]

Primelite. The Strong, Bright and Silent Type

street light #1228-1871 LED
  This week Primelite’s featured fixture is what we loving call “The Strawberry,” otherwise known as Street Light #1228-1871 LED.¬†Our “Strawberry” series is available in 4 LED configurations – LED40, […]

Primelite’s Up, As The Sun Goes Down