LED streetlight

  They Look Alike, They Lite Alike, They Sometimes Even Brite the NightūüĆõ ¬† Primelite proudly announces the latest additions to their Dark Sky* arsenal, Street Lights¬†#1100¬†and #1101. Each fixture […]

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Dark Sky Prime-lite

streetlight #1231 led series
¬† Our Classic Silhouette by Day. Our Classic Light¬†by Night.   (Another best of Primelite)¬†   In our continuing pursuit to ‚ÄúBrighten Your World, Not the Planet,” Primelite’s Street Light […]

Sunset Silhouettes, Primelite Nites

primelite street light #1215 LED series
  Not Of A Street Light! As Primelite continues to do our part to help promote dark skies, this week we are introducing another in our Dark Sky “Friendly”¬†street lights, […]

By The Light Of The Moon.

streetlight #1271 LED series
With Street Lights from Primelite Cast a beautiful daytime silhouette, and nighttime shadows, with Primelite’s updated LED Street Light series #1271. Available now with a choice of 4 dimmable LED […]

Your Summer Nights Will Light So Bright

Streetlight #1232 LED84
Neither Snow nor Rain nor Gloom of Night Nothing. Nothing! Keeps Primelite Mfg from its commitment to help “Brighten Your World, Not¬†Our Planet“! Today we are proud to introduce the […]

Primelite. The Strong, Bright and Silent Type

street light #1228-1871 LED
  This week Primelite’s featured fixture is what we loving call “The Strawberry,” otherwise known as Street Light #1228-1871 LED.¬†Our “Strawberry” series is available in 4 LED configurations – LED40, […]

Primelite’s Up, As The Sun Goes Down

  Primelite continues doing our part to help promote dark skies with LED versions of our “Dark Sky Friendly” street lights. This week we’re taking another look at street light […]

Repost: Featured Fixture: #1235 LED40 / LED52

#1225 LED40
  Continuing with Primelite’s LED upgrades, this weeks featured fixture is the #1225 LED40. Our streetlight comes with a 4 level step-up base, adding a sophisticated and classic form¬†to your […]

Featured LED Fixture: #1225 LED40