Hanging Prismatic Pendant

What's the Buzzzzz! on 20th St, NYC? Primelite Pendant #161/1164S is the Buzzzzz!
Prismatic Pendant #161/1164S is the Buzzzzz­čÉŁ!   Buzzzzz­čÉŁ!:┬áPrimelite┬á#161/1164S Fixture: Pendant, Prismatic Shade Establishment:┬áBarry’s Bootcamp Location: W 20th Street, NYC Installation: Interior Color: Black [Tweet “What is the Buzzzzz­čÉŁ! on W […]

What is the Buzzzzz! on W 20th Street, NYC?

buzzzzz! #181-1124-2
Primelite Prismatic Pendant Light #181-1124-2 is the Buzzzzz! As any longtime New Yorker knows, Nathan’s has the best french fries in town. Period. Amen! And as Nathan’s has expanded beyond […]

Repost: What is the Buzzzzz! @ Nathans, NY?

pendant #161/1164 LED22
Sparkle. Shimmer. Glimmer. Glow Joining the sparkling ranks of Primelite’s LED lighting fixtures, Prismatic Pendant #161/1164 LED22 is as impressive as it is practical. Introduce a spectacular installation to any […]

Sparkle. Shimmer. Glimmer. Glow.