halloween buzzzzz
Primelite Globe #480 GNO Orange is the Buzzzzz!   Buzzzzz!: Primelite #480 GNO Fixture: Globe Size: 20″ Material: Polyethylene Color: Orange Establishment: Somebody’s House! Location: Long Island, NY Installation: Exterior, Halloween […]

What is the Buzzzzz! for Halloween?

halloween 2015
Primelite’s very own “Great Pumpkin” made a special appearance on Halloween night. Our 20″ orange polyethylene globe dressed up as the Peanuts kids favorite pumpkin and delighted trick-or-treaters throughout the […]

What’s the Buzzzzz! Halloween 2015

happy halloween
  Bats & Bollards & Boooooooooos! Oh My!   A Happy Halloween from your friends @ Primelite Mfg.     Shortlink https://primelite-mfg.us/whats-the-buzzzzz-happy-halloween/

What’s the Buzzzzz! Happy Halloween