Primelite MFG welcomes you to the first of our short informative Globe series. In this Series we’ll be discussing and explaining all aspects of our Globes. In this Part 1 […]

WATCH: Globe Series Pt1

post catalog pages
  Primelite Manufacturing is proud to announce the newest addition to our updated Catalog “D” pages, highlighting our full line of Aluminum and Cast Aluminum Posts. Whether it’s a simple 7′ […]

Primelite Has Lamp Posts, and Now You Can Too!

  #tbtPrimelite: For 50+ years, globe lights have been an important part of Primelite’s success. These decorative exterior globes from the late 1980’s were an early example of blow-molded globes, […]

#tbtPrimelite’s Globes are Now and Then

  #1970s | #spanish | #mediterranean | #pendants #tbtPrimelite: A new year, a new #tbt!  Lets flashback 40+ years to our catalogs featuring these Mediterranean style beauties. These fabulous pendants […]

#tbtPrimelite Mediterranean Beauties of the 1970s

plant lite
#tbt / #1970s / #plantlite #tbtPrimelite: Today’s flashback highlights Primelite’s “Plant Lite” featured in a 1970s catalog. The 1970’s was a prime time for houseplants, and as not every home had […]

#tbtPrimelite 1970s “Plant Lite”

Primelite has updated our LED catalog with new fixtures including our series of Euro Style Wall Sconces. The wall sconces are constructed of polycarbonate, use either a 10 of 18 […]

Catalog Update: Euro Style LED Wall Sconces