Bollard #5305
      Bollard #5305 is the Buzz🐝zzz!     “Portsmouth is a vibrant, coastal New England city that honors its colorful history, preserving its authenticity while remaining passionately engaged in […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Portsmouth, NH?

Whats the Buzz? Swampscott, MA? Gooseneck Light #20/850 is the Buzz.
      Gooseneck #20/850 Is the Buzz🐝zzz!     Our latest Buzzz🐝zzz! can be found 15 miles outside, and north, of Boston Mass, in the quiet town of Swampscott. Once in town […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Swampscott, MA?

Whats the Buzz? Garden City, NY? Gooseneck Light #20/850 is the Buzz.
      Gooseneck #20/850 Is the Buzz🐝zzz!     This week’s Buzzz🐝zzz! finds us much closer to home! Not far from our Long Island, New York factory, in the village of […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Garden City, NY?

Whats the Buzz? Salem, MA? Gooseneck Light #23/16-859 LED12 is the Buzz.
      Gooseneck #23/16-859 LED12 Is the Buzz🐝zzz!     This week’s Buzzz🐝zzz! once again finds Primelite Mfg. brightening the lives of hungry diners throughout the US. You’ll find us lighting the […]

What’s The Buzz🐝zzz! Salem, MA?